Want your business to shine? Let Westhaven Solar leverage the full power of the Sun for YOU! And with so many “moving parts,” the whole process can be well,…confusing at best.

By working with Westhaven Solar, we will help you design a solar system that will stand the test of time with the fastest ROI.

Just sit back and relax and let our team of Experts handle every detail, from site and technology assessment, to permitting and finance options. At Westhaven Solar, we’re here to help!

  • Small to large Commercial Properties
  • Education Buildings
  • Government facilities
  • Developers

Project Planning

After determining your energy needs, Westhaven will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive feasibility study that shows how your business can reap the highest benefits of solar technology. This report will show you the choicest locations and best solar technologies for use in your business, as well as estimated costs and potential savings. From beginning to end, Westhaven Solar will ensure your investment is built using the latest, modern photo-voltaic technologies in real-world settings.

Design and Engineering

At Westhaven Solar, we design and build only to the highest quality solar installation standards. Our PV project team emphasizes “Value Engineering,” which also ensures that all applicable building and permitting codes are met, project timelines are kept, and any outstanding issues quickly dealt with.


Westhaven Solar employs a top-notch team of expert electricians, project supervisors, as well as design engineers whose primary focus is your satisfaction. Our emphasis on-site is “safety-first”, along with trade integration and site maintenance. Westhaven Solar is also fully OSHA-compliant.

Operations and Maintenance

At Westhaven Solar, we stand by our product with some of the best warranties in the business. With our constant maintenance monitoring and Solar Panel cleaning services, you can depend on Westhaven Solar to keep your Solar power production equipment up and running at its optimal design. We can even develop a customized maintenance plan for you, or get you up and running with one of our standard maintenance plans.

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