As Northern California’s #1 Installer, we’ve streamlined our process to produce a cost effective turnaround, and bulk solar panel purchasing power to offer you the best pricing available.


At Westhaven Solar we recognize that simply having a “good” product is not enough. ESSENTIAL to our continued growth and future success is an understanding and reflection of good foundational principles that underlie our entire existence.

At Westhaven Solar, we face this simple but true challenge everyday by helping you understand that buying solar is not really “buying” at all. It’s actually an investment in your home that pays immediate, recognizable dividends on something you already need and use: ENERGY. At Westhaven Solar, we can help you obtain that needed power for much less than what your paying to you’re current utility provider. And better yet, at a fixed price. Let the professionals at Westhaven show you how.

The Westhaven Lease


20 years is a long peace of mind for 0% down. It’s also a lot of rising temperatures and inflated energy costs, so when an unexpectedly hot month leads to a budget roasting bill, you could be the one sweating. Our lease program protect you with low, fixed payments that for many customers are lower than their previous utility bills. budget wise today and for the next 20 years.

  • Customers pay a low, fixed monthly amount to lease their solar system for energy.
  • No Hidden fees or “inflation” increases. Your savings accumulate quickly.
  • Much smaller electric and lease bills!
  • Our Solar systems and performance are fully guaranteed and insured for 20 years. This includes a 100% solar panel warranty, cost of removal coverage, and a full power production guarantee! The Westhaven Solar promise: we guarantee that your solar system will generate all the power we claim, or we will pay you the difference.
  • Want to sell your home? Your solar system lease can be easily transferred to the new owner(s), resulting in instant energy savings for them and higher potential resale for you!
  • So there you have it! You pay zero down. For up to 20 years, you get protected, low, fixed energy payments that are, in most cases, lower than your previous, high-rate utility bills. And in an environment of rising temperatures and inflated energy costs, at Westhaven Solar, we think nothing’s “cooler” than that!

The Westhaven Loan


If a 30% tax credit and instant solar system ownership with no money down sounds good to you, then, the solar loan may be for you. By making monthly payments (usually lower than your current utility provider), you will be protected against rising utility costs for up to 20 years. With a variety of payment options YOU control how and when you will pay for your power.

  •  No early loan payoff penalties!
  • Just like the Westhaven Solar lease, your system is guaranteed and insured for 20 years.
  • With A variety of payment options, monthly payment terms of 5-20 years are available.
  • Just like the Westhaven Solar lease, you’re solar system is fully guaranteed and warranted for 20 years! This includes a 100% solar panel warranty, cost of removal coverage, and a full power production guarantee!

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